As an employee of the Reifenhäuser Group, you are part of the world's largest extrusion network. 1,500 employees work together at Reifenhäuser on the leading technologies for plastics extrusion and ensure that projects go smoothly at our customers' locations around the world.

Our values

In over 100 years of company history, our values have become clearly defined. They unite the companies of the group, provide orientation in everything we do, and are the basis of our success.

Openness & Communication

  • We lay the facts on the table.
  • We respect our interlocutors and give them trust.
  • We listen carefully before we judge.We help to overcome impasses.
  • We seek personal discussions.


  • I recognize chances and seize them.
  • I create change and withstand uncertainty.
  • I take responsibility for my actions.


  • We are good in what we do.
  • We fight for our ideas
  • We enjoy being part of a high-performance team..

Having Know-how

  • We can give advice and warning.
  • We have skills and know-how.
  • We can be wrong, but we learn.We want to understand things.


  • We say what we do and do what we say.
  • We give guidance.
  • We do not give in to temptations.

Take opportunities & assume responsibility.

In accordance with the value we place on ownership, we encourage our employees to assume responsibility in the company. Every employee has the opportunity to actively get involved in the company and to prove themselves. In turn: Our employees are expected to think independently, make decisions accordingly, and to question the status quo. For us, this is the prerequisite for a long-term working relationship that meets the expectations of both parties.

Develop personally & professionally.

Interested in adding an MBA to your qualifications, completing that master qualification after all, or pursuing a degree while on the job? The success of the Reifenhäuser Group is based above all on the knowledge base and excellent qualifications of our employees in all areas of the company. With this in mind, we support you in planning and realizing your further development – on a professional and personal level. We regularly conduct feedback interviews with our employees to discuss your expectations and our own. Together, we determine what would be the ideal professional development program.

Balancing career & family.

Balancing the requirements of a career and a family is not always easy. Reifenhäuser recognizes this challenge. We support our employees.

Flexible working schedules
School and preschool schedules are outside your control. Working schedules, on the other hand, offer a certain degree of flexibility. Thanks to flex-time and part-time models, our employees are able to adapt to the requirements of their personal lives and flexibly respond day by day.

It depends on the individual case which childcare is the right one. In cooperation with the AWO parents service (German Workers’ Welfare Association) we help our employees in the selection of a suitable childcare model and in their financial plannings.

Parent-child working area
The day nanny cancels the childcare arrangement at short notice, the day-care center is on strike, classes in school are cancelled, and there are no grandparents in sight that could help out. For such emergency cases we have set up a parent-child office with two fully equipped workstations. In addition, the room offers everything needed for the care of children up to the age of twelve years – for instance, toys, a baby changing table, and a microwave oven.

24-hours emergency service
In cooperation with the AWO parents service we offer an emergency service to our employees who don’t work in an office. In the event that normal childcare arrangements fall through, an emergency service will be organized by the AWO parents service within 24 hours.

Keep fit: Physical activity.

We are much interested in the long-term health of our employees. Therefore, Reifenhäuser promotes a sports programme that offers physical activity and preventive health care. In cooperation with a gym, our employees are offered the opportunity to participate at no charge in courses, use the fitness equipment and the spa area. In addition, information days are organized once a month to provide our employees with information around the issues of health and fitness.

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